Justification in a Post-Christian Society

Edited by Carl-Henric Grenholm and Göran Gunner

Since the Reformation in the sixteenth century, Lutheran traditions have had a great impact on culture and politics in many societies. At the same time Lutheran churches have impacted personal faith, basic morality, and ethics. Modern society, however, is quite different from the time of the Reformation. How should we evaluate Lutheran tradition in today's Western multicultural and post-Christian society? Is it possible to develop a Lutheran theological position that can be regarded as reasonable in a society that evidences a considerable weakening of the role of Christianity? What are the challenges raised by cultural diversity for a Lutheran theology and ethics? Is it possible to develop a Lutheran identity in a multicultural society, and is there any fruitful Lutheran contribution to the coexistence of different religious and nonreligious traditions in the future?Justification in a Post-Christian Society is part of the Church of Sweden Research Series

Grenholm, Carl-Henric & Gunner, Göran (red.), Justification in a Post-Christian Society, Pickwick Publications, Eugene, Or., 2014. ISBN: 1625648898. 

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