For the Sake of the World Swedish Ecclesiology in Dialogue with William T. Cavanaugh

Edited by Jonas Ideström

The church exists for the sake of the world. The crucial ecclesiological question that this book raises is How? How does the church exist for sake of the world? One can describe the theological reflections in this book as a form of concrete ecclesiology--critical theological reflections on the way the church is manifested in social and historical contexts as a social body. By using concepts like body, queer, human rights, practices, social process, and space, the manifestations of the concrete church are critically and constructively analyzed from a theological perspective. The arguments in the articles were presented at a symposium in Sweden. The purpose of the symposium was not to reach consensus but to stimulate creative and critical discussions concerning theology, politics and the identity of the church with a focus on Church of Sweden. American theologian William T. Cavanaugh, who has made himself known as a distinct voice in the discussion of ecclesiology and politics, participated and contributes with critical and constructive reflections on the relationship between church and state. This book offers important arguments and reflections into the discussion on ecclesiology and politics that has relevance far beyond the Swedish context. Contributors: Jonas Ideström, William T. Cavanaugh, Arne Rasmusson, Henrik Widmark, Göran Gunner, Ninna Edgardh, Antje Jackelén, and Ola Sigurdson.

Ideström, Jonas (red.), For the sake of the world: Swedish ecclesiology in dialogue with William T. Cavanaugh, Pickwick Publications, Eugene, Or., 2010. ISBN: 9781608991082.

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