Church of Sweden Research Series

CSRS is a peer reviewed research series issued under the auspices of the Church of Sweden Research Department. The books presents theological and human right reflections from primarily the Nordic country's (perspectives).

The Church of Sweden Research series includes following books published by The Pickwick Publications, follow the link to order the book:

Carl Reinhold Bråkenhielm. The Study of Science and Religion. Sociological, Theological, and Philosophical Perspectives. Pickwick.

Jonas Ideström and Tone Stangeland Kaufman (eds). What Really Matters. Scandinavian Perspectives on Ecclesiology and Ethnograhpy. Pickwick. 

Tone Stangeland Kaufman. A New Old Spirituality? A Qualitative Study of Clergy Spirituality in the Nordic Context. Pickwick 2017 

Niclas Blåder and Kristina Helgesson Kjellin. Mending the world? Pickwick 2017

Kjell-Åke Nordquist, Reconciliation as Politics – A Concept and Its Practice, Oregon: Pickwick 2017

Harald Askeland & Ulla Schmidt (eds), Church Reform and Leadership of Change. Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick 2016.

Niclas Blåder, Lutheran Tradition as Heritage and Tool. An Empirical Study of Reflections on Confessional Identity in Five Lutheran Churches in Different Contexts. Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick 2015.

Sune Fahlgren & Jonas Ideström (eds), Ecclesiology in the Trenches. Theory and Method under Construction. Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick 2015.

Carl-Henric Grenholm & Göran Gunner (eds), Lutheran Identity and Political
Theology. Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick 2014.

Carl-Henric Grenholm & Göran Gunner (eds), Justification in a Post-Christian
Society. Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick 2014.

Carl-Henric Grenholm & Göran Gunner (eds), Justification in a Post-ChristianSociety. Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick 2014.

Harald Hegstad, The Real Church. Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick 2013.

Kjell-Åke Nordquist (ed), Gods and Arms. On Religion and Armed Conflict. Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick 2013.

Anne-Louise Eriksson, Göran Gunner, & Niclas Blåder (eds), Exploring a Heritage. Evangelical Lutheran Churches in the North. Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick 2012.

Göran Gunner & Kjell-Åke Nordquist,  An Unlikely Dilemma. Constructing a Partnership Between Human Rights and Peace-Buildning. Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick 2011.

Jonas Ideström (ed), For the Sake of the World. Swedish Ecclesiology in Dialogue with William T. Cavanaugh. Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick 2009.

Kajsa Ahlstrand & Göran Gunner (eds), Non-Muslims in Muslim Majority Societies. With Focus on the Middle East and Pakistan. Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick 2009.

Göran Gunner (ed), Vulnerability, Churches, and HIV. Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick 2008.

The Church of Sweden Research Unit

The Church of Sweden Research Unit conducts strategic research in close collaboration with universities and other higher education institutes in Sweden and abroad. The task is to support the Church of Sweden in its theological and strategic reflections on its identity and on its national and international surroundings.