Huddle up!

Huddle in Broby is open for anyone who just want a place to hang out in the evenings, or who wants to be a part of our community as a volunteer and youth leader.

Every evening exept monday night our house is open for the local youth. We play games, watch movies or just sit and talk. Before the youths leaves the house they can pray together with us. 

In our prayer room, can you bring forth your own prayers to God in your own way . Light a candle, visit the Wailing Wall, put a pray in the prayerbox or write it on the wall.

Huddle in Broby is looking for volunteers from wherever (though Europeans can get special financial help through EVS). It is important for us to meet and get to know people from different backgrounds and from different countries.
As a volunteer you will work with children, youth or old people in our local congregations. We will plan the practice together with you to find out what you are interested in.

We need people in the age 19+, who has a social competence for living close together with other people and who are interested in leadership and in taking care of people.

If you are interested in joining us as a volunteer send an e-mail to and explain who you are and why you want to take part in Huddle in Broby. We also need two reference persons.

Volunteer through EVS

We are hosting volunteers as an EVS (European Voluntary Service) hosting organization. This means that if you apply through EVS they will finance your stay in Broby. You will also need a sending organization. Read more about EVS here and get relevant information about the EVS-project Huddle in Broby here

    The name Huddle in    Broby is coming from            our weekly Huddle                          meetings.