Två kvinnor står och pratar. Den ena har en väst som det står Act Svenska kyrkan på.
Foto: Magnus Aronson/Ikon
For our partners

What we do

We are carried by the Gospel about Jesus, who takes a stand for people in vulnerable situations, and who wants us to do for others what we want them to do for us. Our faith leads us to action, and together with people all over the world, we fight for every human being’s right to a life of dignity

Our five focus areas 

Act Church of Sweden uses five focus areas to describe our work. In all our communication the core is always the rights holders, duty bearers and civil society's ability to, with the right support, create long-term change in their societies. In total, we work with over 300 projects in about 40 countries.

Livelihoods and climate justice 

Foto: Paul Jeffrey /ACT/Ikon

We work for just and sustainable livelihood opportunities for people living in vulnerability, poverty and in climate emergencies. The work is carried out together with local churches and partners to strengthen people’s own ability to support themselves.  We believe that self-prevention and faith in the future are created when people can work and provide for themselves.

Gender equality and health 

Sexual violence, forced marriage and genital mutilation are examples of abuse that affect structurally vulnerable groups. Most of the women are denied education and health care. In many parts of the world religious representatives have great influence related to structural norms especially when referring to gender roles, sexuality, and family formation. In this case the church has a unique opportunity to influence and engage for new perspectives. Together with churches and organizations that stand up for gender equality, Act Church of Sweden takes a stand for everyone’s right to health, safety, and their own body.

Peace and democracy 

Två personer trycker sina pekfingertoppar mot varandra
Foto: Carlos Zaparolli /Ikon

Peace and democracy goes hand in hand. A peaceful society presupposes that everyone is given the opportunity to participate in democratic processes. On the other hand, people are prevented from speak up, both through direct physical and psychological violence. In many parts of the world people’s rights are regulated based upon their gender, ethnicity, religion. The number of countries that can be considered a complete democracy is decreasing. In the name of God every human being regardless of gender, ethnicity and religion has equal value and rights. That is why Act Church of Sweden works to defend human rights. 

Faith and learning

Foto: Ulrika Lagerlöf

Act Church of Sweden supports theological education that gives people the opportunity to stand up against oppression and injustice with their faith as a basis. In many contexts, religious actors are seen as top of the hierarchy. People often listen more to their religious leaders than to politicians and authorities. Theological education which encourages critical thinking, counteracts religious extremism and polarization, and helps people to deepen their faith, is crucial for the church's employees and volounteers to be able to fulfil their social responsibility. 

Humanitarian actions 

War is the start of a devastating chain reaction of hunger and suffering of innocent people. This also applies to natural disasters which destroys the lives of millions of people every day. Behind the statistics is a person. A person who has the right to a dignified life. Act Church of Sweden cooperates with partners around the world who are present both before, during and after the disaster. Through local partners, Act Church of Sweden is already in place when disasters occur and can quickly mobilize resources where they are most needed. Along with our partners we are present in every step of the way. In order to rebuild society and strengthen the ability to deal with future crises, the people affected must be involved themselves. By contributing with their knowledge and strengths, people can rise stronger after a disaster.

This is how we make it happen!

  • Collaboration - Our work is based on an ecumenical approach.
  • Advocacy - Prevention and advocacy goes hand in hand.
  • Mobilization - We mobilize resources to be there where the needs are greatest.
  • Capacity development - We work to strengthen partners in areas such as theology, diakonia and human rights.
Our youth program - agera volontär. Foto: Magnus Aronson /Ikon

Act church of Sweden - acts locally to have an impact globally

Act church of Sweden is largely carried by voluntarism and a strong local commitment. It is the interaction between local engagement in Sweden and churches and other grass-roots movements globally that gives us our mandate to carry out our work. Our Youth program ”agera” is a great example of voluntarism and a strong local commitment. In most of the Sweden’s congregations the international work is an integral part, where the importance of working in solidarity with sister churches and other partners is a daily driving force and inspiration also at the local level.