Hans Kosmala Library

The library at Beit Tavor dates back to the days of Conrad Schick. The library is accessible to scholars and course participants at the STI.

The STI library is a valuable resource available to students, guests, and scholars.

The upper library houses religious texts, including Bibles, the Mishna, the Talmud, the Quran, scholarly periodicals, and general dictionaries, all of which are openly displayed and accessible. Additionally, you can find current books about Jerusalem, guidebooks, and pilgrim books in this section.

Greta Andrén and Hans Kosmala worked together at the institute from 1951 to 1971. Foto: Okänd

The lower library contains the main library collection, covering a wide range of subjects from Biblical Exegesis, Rabbinic literature, Early Christianity, and Islam to the Theology of Religions and Jerusalem. It currently holds approximately 6,000 titles.

The library is named after Hans Kosmala, who served as the first director at the institute from 1951 to 1971.

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