Hans Kosmala Library

The library is located in the same room within the premises of the Beit Tavor since the days of Conrad Schick. The library is accessible for scholars and course participants at the STI.

The STI library is an important tool accessible for students, guests and scholars and holds currently about 6,000 titles. The library contains subjects like Biblical Exegesis, Rabbinic literature, Early Christianity, Islam, Theology of Religions and Jerusalem.

The name of the library is named after Hans Kosmala who was the first director at the STI from1951 to 1971.

The upper library is the open library. The book shelves in the upper library are confined to religious texts, Bibles, the Mishna, the Talmud, the Quran, scholarly periodicals and general dictionaries for open display and use. Also current books about Jerusalem, guide books and pilgrim books are stocked here.

The lower library contains the main library stock, holds currently about 6,000 titles.