Dissemination & Information

Supporting each other

REPSSI Poster, 2020.  

This simple one-page poster created to educate the community about ways to support children and families during the Covid-19 pandemic is a good example of educating the community in positive, culturally appropriate coping mechanisms during a confusing and stressful time. By using both illustrations and text, it is available to the widest range of the population.  

CERC in an infectious disease Outbreak

Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication (CERC) office, Center for Disease Control.  

This very brief guideline on crisis communication lays out principles of crisis communication.  By being prompt and accurate, they increase trust, promote action, are compassionate and respectful.  These guidelines help to promote the optimal response from the public receiving the information.    

How to tell children that someone has died

Dr Louise Dalton, Dr Elizabeth Rapa, Helena Channon-Wells, Dr Virginia Davies and Prof Alan Stein, 2020.  

This simple guidance sheet offers simple steps to a conversation with children about someone’s death.  The suggestions leave open a range of possibilities about the age of the child, the relationship to the deceased, and the kind of reactions that children may have.  This type of guidance empowers adults who may feel unprepared to approach a situation that is unfamiliar to them or which brings up strong emotions in themselves.  The guidance gives the adult some support to be their best selves.

Here you can find more similar resources. 

Self Help booklet for men facing crisis and displacement

IOM, 2014.   

Written for Syrian men specifically, this booklet addresses common emotional reactions to the crisis and displacement caused by the conflict in their homeland.  Feelings are normalized, family roles are addressed, and suggestions given for culturally appropriate ways of managing loss, grief, anger, fear and so on.  This calm, informative booklet supports the reader in managing the crisis they find their lives in.