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Barn leker i den nya modellbyn som Svenska kyrkan varit med om att bidra till för hemlösa i Haiti.

Children playing in a new village built together with former homeless people in Haiti. The Church of Sweden supports this work through Lutheran World Federation Haiti. Foto: Paul Jeffrey/IKON

A short presentation of the Church of Sweden´s international work.

For further details see links to the left and read our leaflet Together for a Just World at the bottom of this page.

Collaborating and cooperating with other churches and organisations is at the core of the Church of Sweden´s international mission.  As a church, we are part of the worldwide community of churches.

By working with local organisations and churches, we are better able to contribute to long-term sustainable development in the contexts in which our partner organisations operate. ·        

  • We work together for theological reflection, Christian unity and interfaith understanding, and a mutual sharing of faith and life.  ·        
  • Our work is based on a rights-based approach and support people´s own struggles for the right to food, sustainable livelihood, security, education and health.  ·        
  • Thanks to the ACT Alliance the Church of Sweden can rapidly provide humanitarian assistance. We operate from a community-based psychosocial approach. ·        
  • The Church of Sweden´s international advocacy work targets those with economic and political power in Sweden, the EU and the UN.

Fundraising and volunteering
Our efforts are largely financed by money raised in Sweden. Donations from parishes, individuals, clubs and associations fund much of the work carried out for a fairer, more just world.

Grants from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and the EU are other important sources of funding.  

Parishes form the basis of the Church of Sweden’s international work; they inform, train and raise money through collections, bazaars and other activities.   

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Food shortage is one of the most serious consequences of climate change. And the poorest people are affected most. The Church of Sweden wants Sweden and the EU to take much greater responsibility.

More on why the climate issue is a question of global fairness and justice
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Disaster relief is not just about handing out food and tents; the way in which people are treated is crucial to their ability to recover from a terrifying event.

More on disaster relief you can rely on

Documentation from the Conference Pension 100 Stockholm October 2013 >>

A leaflet describing Church of Swedens international work. Click on the picture above, you can enlarge the pages and browse them on the web. Or download Together for a Just World (pdf, 16 pages).


























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We have been made aware that information is being circulated that the Church of Sweden (Svenska kyrkan) and/or the Swedish foundation Church of Sweden Aid (Stiftelsen Lutherhjälpen) has launched a call for support of projects in Peru. We hereby wish to clarify and strongly deny this information.

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Churches in partnership

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The Church of Sweden is a member of the World Council of Churches and the Lutheran World Federation, and has been ever since their inception.

Toghether with other churches and church-related organisations, the Church of Sweden is part of the global ACT Alliance. ACT (Action by Churches Together), is a network for disaster relief, development cooperation and advocay. 

The Church of Sweden is also a member of the Ecumenical Advocay Alliance and APRODEV.  

A member of HAP International

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