Foto: Mattias Wahlgren

The organs in the cathedral

All instruments in the church have their own history. The oldest organ is still in use even though it is by now 400 years old.

A rich musical life

The cathedral has a rich musical life with everything from concert pianists and young organ pupils to various choirs, for example gospel choirs and vocal ensembles. The many different musical expressions mirror the diversity of the Christian faith.

In the Great chapel there is an organ which was originally built for Klinte Church in 1870 and was used there until 1977. For twenty years it was then put into storage in the attic of the Klinte parsonage awaiting its rehabilitation. 

The Klinte organ

In 1998 the organ found its place in the cathedral.  The organ has six ranks and a pedal board coupled with the manual bass, and together with the octave coupler the sound works well with the acoustics of the room. The work and its transport to Klinte was paid for by Consul C.M. Herlits  at a cost of 3100 riksdaler.

The great organ of the cathedral

The large organ, standing on the north gallery, was reconstructed in the late 1990s based on the organ built in 1891 by Åkerman & Lund. It now has two manuals, twenty-five ranks, and two octave couplers. 

The organ from 1599

On the nave gallery we find the organ from 1599. It has three manuals – chest division, main division, and a positif de dos. It was kept in storage since 1838. The reconstruction was done 2016–2017 by Grönlunds orgelbyggeri. The disposition, compass, and architecture make this a Renaissance work rather than a Baroque one. The pointed turrets on the positif de dos were later rounded off and the treble range augmented from A5 to D6. The organ is tuned in meantone temperament to church pitch by Mads Kjersgaard.

St. Mary’s organ

The two manual organ by St Mary’s altar was built by A Magnussons orgelbyggeri in 1984. Jerk Alton designed the façade. In 1999 the organ was expanded to the current disposition by Robert Gustavssons orgelbyggeri. 

The continuo organ

The organ was made in 1996 by Ålems orgelverkstad. It has four ranks, equal temperament, and standard pitch.