Community Building 23/2 (in english)

This workshop/seminar is provided in the interreligious onlinemeeting on migration 20-24 February, 2022. The aim is to turn visions into collaborative action and to manifest the power of the A World of Neighbours Networking. Open for all.

The ”Community Building-workshop with Mina Dennert, Secretary General of I Am Here International,  is aimed to strengthen participants to see the enormous opportunity you all have to engage your community and aims to inspire you to see your important role in societal development. In concrete terms, this means that you learn how to navigate in different situations that may arise when you are forced into different value-based issues, handling desinformation or rumors or other difficult-to-handle communicative situations. How you can become better at engaging and collaborating with your followers and allies to build strong communities online.

Date: 23/2 kl. 15.15-16.15. Open for all.
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