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The Church of Sweden is an Evangelical Lutheran Church.

It is the predominant denomination among churches in Sweden with more than 70 percent of the population belonging to it, approximately 7 million people.

The Swedish Church abroad started as a service for Swedish sailors over a hundred years ago. Today it has become a church for Swedish expatriates around the world; for those studying or working abroad and for tourists. The Church of Sweden abroad can be found in 45 locations in 35 countries, and it provides a Swedish-speaking fellowship – a place to worship in Swedish – a home away from home.

Church of Sweden in Thailand

The Church of Sweden has been present in Bangkok since 1993, by request of the Swedish Foreign Ministry. Reverend Lars Ryderstad is in charge of the work in Thailand and also represents the Church of Sweden in Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Thailand is one of the primary destinations for Swedish tourists and therefore it was only natural for the Church of Sweden to follow its members there. Therefore in October 2008 the Church of Sweden established a permanent presence in southern Thailand. Reverend Erik Stenberg-Roos and assistant Anna Stenberg serve southern Thailand from a base in Phuket.

Even if the church is primarily for Swedes we like to see ourselves as a church for Scandinavians. In many places we appear together with the other Scandinavian churches such as the Norwegian Seamen’s mission, the Danish and the Finnish churches.

In Thailand we have chosen to work as a mobile church to be able to reach out and meet people where they are, and have no own premises. Our work here in Thailand is similar to the Church at home. We offer services, baptism and confirmation as well as counselling and support when life turns difficult. We offer blessings of marriage and regularly visit those in hospitals and prisons.

We also work closely together with the Embassy of Sweden and the Swedish Honorary Consulate in Phuket. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us and tell us how we can be of support!

Contact us in Bangkok

The staff has returned to Sweden for summer and will not be returning, as their contracts terminate at the end of August.

Erik Stenberg-Roos

Mobile: +66(0)81 837 4574


Assistant: Anna Stenberg

Mobile: +66(0)626129445



Facebook: Svenska kyrkan i Bangkok


Contact us in Southern Thailand

The staff will return to Sweden on July 2 for the summer and will not be returning, as their contracts terminate at the end of August.

Priest: Anders Stenbäck

Mail: Anders Stenbäck

Mobile: +6694 554 3336

Deacon: Ulrika Stenbäck 

Mail: Ulrika Stenbäck

Mobile: +66 87 381 4830 

Address: Kata Top View 8/2 Soi Plukjae, Patak Road, Karon Muaeng, Phuket 83100, Thailand


Facebook: @kyrkaphuket and  @kyrkalanta