Foto: Josefin Wahlberg Vannérus

Service in English

Join our monthly Service in English at Tibble church.

Welcome to the monthly Service in English in Tibble kyrka, Täby.
Sunday January 09th at 14.00
Sunday February 20th at 14.00
Sunday March 20th at 14.00
Sunday April 17th at 14.00
Sunday May 15th at 14.00
All is welcome!

Join the priest Valentine Aderibole at 12:30 if you want to help with bible reading or saying prayers.
Join the Praise team for choir rehersal at 13:00 if you want to sing.
The Service starts at 14:00 at Tibble church in Täby.
Sunday school for all children.


Valentine Aderibole, priest
Church of Sweden Österåker
08-540 845 56

E-mail: Valentine Aderibole