Foto: Josefin Wahlberg Vannérus

Service in English

Join our monthly Service in English at Tibble church. Next Service: Sunday, 19 September.

Sunday, 19 september 14:00 

Sunday, 17 october 14:00 

Sunday, 28 november, the first of advent 14:00 

Sunday, 19 december 13:00 or 14:00 

Join Valentine Aderibole the priest at 12:30 if you want to help with bible reading or saying prayers.
Join the Praise team for choir rehersal at 13:00 if you want to sing.
The Service starts at 14:00 at Tibble church in Täby.
Sunday school for all children.


Valentine Aderibole, priest
Church of Sweden Österåker
08-540 845 56

E-mail: Valentine Aderibole