Church of Sweden Skövde

The Church of Sweden is a national church, open to everyone living in Sweden regardless of nationality. It is a place for church services, meetings and dialogue.

The Church of Sweden is an Evangelical Lutheran church with 6,4 million members (almost 70 per cent of the population). There are 3500 churches in Sweden and 13 dioceses. 

In Skövde parish we are almost 100 employees who work with the daily activities and services the church provide for its members and society. We are seated in all of our 9 churches in Skövde:

  • S:t Helena, located in the city.
  • S:t Johannes, located in the district Hentorp.
  • S:t Matteus, located in the district South of Ryd (Södra Ryd)
  • Däldernas chapel, located in the district Dälderna
  • Norrmalms church, located in the district Norrmalm
  • Våmbs church, located in the district Våmb (towards Skara)
  • S:t Birgittas chapel, located in the district Billingesluttningen
  • S:t Lukas (Luke), located on top of the mountain Billingen

You are very welcome to attend any of our services, most of the churches have Sunday worship or Sunday Mass - look at the calendar on the first page. In addition to weekly services we have several meeting points for us all to meet, talk and often also eat together.

Here are some examples:
Café Mosaik - Support and community for those seeking or have sought asylum in Sweden. Tuesdays even weeks during term time, at 3 pm to 5 pm. in Ryd.

Café Prostgården - Our café downtown that is open Thursday and Friday between 10-16, 10-13 on Saturdays

Welcome to the Church of Sweden in Skövde!