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Skarpnäcks församling Besöksadress: Helsingborgsvägen 51, 12153 JOHANNESHOV Postadress: Malmövägen 51, 12153 JOHANNESHOV Telefon:+46(8)50581500 E-post till Skarpnäcks församling

Jourhavande präst

Kyrkan kan hjälpa dig. Akut samtals- och krisstöd.

In english

Skarpnäcks Parish is a parish belonging to the Swedish Church, we have a big heart and high hope for the future - living with God in every breath!

Skarpnack is a district of Stockholm Municipality, in the district live about 45 000 inhabitants and of those 23 000 are members of the Swedish Church. The parish has 43 employees and activities in Bagarmossens Church in Bagarmossen , in Markusplatsen in Skarpnäcks avenue and Björkhagen where the beautiful St. Mark's Church and the Parish office is situated.

Visit St Mark's Church

Because of the current renovation of the church we only allow visits inside the church room and the outside area. The rest of the church buildning is closed for visits. We cannot accommodate any personal tours during the time for the renovation. We apologize for any inconvenience.  Contact