Sankta Katarina studentbostäder ligger när Örebro universitet. På bilden syns lägenhetshusen i bakgrunden, bakom studenter som grillar på den gemensamma grillplatsen.
Foto: Ulla-Carin Ekblom

Sankta Katarina Student Apartments, in English

The Church of Sweden's Student Apartments, with their 137 apartments, are situated in the Sörbyängen district of Örebro. Sankta Katarina Student Apartments consist of three buildings at Studievägen 14, 16 and 18.

To reside in Sankta Katarina Student Apartments is to be part of a young community with the possibility of communal activities. A group-room and a prayer-room are shared by the residents.

The Apartments
Most of the apartments are one-room units. Six apartments are two-room units. The apartments have a well-planned layout; fully equipped kitchen; bathroom with shower; and balcony. All apartments have outlets for broadband internet and cable television.

Communal space
There is a laundry room on the ground-floor of each building. Studievägen 18 has two common rooms which residents of Sankta Katarina Student Apartments can use. In the same building there is a group-room and an office for staff from Almby parish (Church of Sweden) who work at the University. Car parking adjacent to Sankta Katarina Student Apartments is available for residents with parking permits.

The neighbourhood
Sankta Katarina Student Apartments are situated in Sörbyängen, a district with mixed housing. Close by are wooded areas with floodlit tracks for jogging and cross-country skiing. Not far from Sörbyängen is the Gustavsvik leisure centre with swimming pools and relax-center; Gustavsvik 18-hole golf-course; and Backahallen with tennis and badminton facilities.

Residence here offers closeness to Örebro University, little more than one kilometre away, with pedestrian and cycle paths from door to door. It is also close to the shops in Tybble Centre (on the way to the university) and with a cycle it takes only a few minutes to travel the two kilometres into the city centre.

På Sankta Katarina finns studentbostäder i olika storlekar. Bilden föreställer ett vardagsrum i en av våra studentlägenheter.
Foto: Ulla-Carin Ekblom

Örebro is one of Sweden's largest municipalities with a population of 156,000. The university has over 17,000 students. The city of Örebro offers a rich variety of entertainment and culture. Communications are good, within, as well as to and from Örebro, with direct trains to the capital, Stockholm, and good train and bus connections in other directions.

Church life is rich, with Church of Sweden parishes and many other denominations and faiths represented. The Church of Sweden is very close at hand with Sörby Church, and on the way to the university Almby Church is visible to the left.

The name: Sankta Katarina (Saint Catherine)
Saint Catherine of Vadstena was one of the eight children of Saint Bridget (Birgitta). Catherine was born in 1351 or 1352. Her father, Ulf Gudmarsson, was at that time the chief judge of the province of Närke. This is why Bridget was often known in other countries as the Duchess of Närke. Catherine probably lived in Örebro as a child when her mother was lady in waiting at the castle there. Following her mother's death in Rome, Catherine returned home to Sweden and took charge of the Brigittine convent at Vadstena.

A number of miracle legends are linked to Saint Catherine, such as the one which tells of how she protected a fallow-deer hind during a hunt. This is why she is often depicted together with a hind. Also frequently depicted with her are a lily, as a symbol of her purity of mind, or a burning oil-lamp as a sign of her wisdom.

Saint Catherine was well-educated and exchanged letters with people of high rank. In a medieval altar-screen from Ekeby Church, near Örebro, there is a sculpture of Saint Catherine. With her connection to Örebro and Närke and her place in Church history she is a suitable patroness for the student residence.

Church of Sweden
Church of Sweden is an open national church which, from a Christian basis, meets people at all stages of life. Through Sankta Katarina Student Apartments the church takes a civic and social (diakonal) responsibility. The work is run in cooperation between Almby parish and the University Chaplain and University Deacon.

Sankta Katarina Student Apartments are owned and administrated by Church of Sweden in Örebro through Svenska kyrkans bostäder i Örebro AB - the property company belonging to the parishes of Örebro. The same company owns and administrates Laurentiusgården in the northern part of Örebro.

For more information and application
Ask your question and receive an answer. Contact Svenska kyrkans bostäder i Örebro AB for more information.
Phone: 019-15 45 30

Svenska kyrkans bostäder i Örebro