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Konstutställning / Art Exhibit

Välkommen att njuta av spännande urbana fotografier av konstnären Bissera Antikarov under januari.

Konstutställningen pågår i kyrkan mellan 12-31 januari. Välkommen att njuta av spännande konst!

The art exhibit is open from the 12th of January to the 31th. Welcome to enjoy this beautiful art.

About the Artist & Collection

Artist/Architect/Designer, European born die-hard New Yorker with passion for NYC buildings and structures. 

This hand-made photo collage art collection is about The OTHER New York - the NYC we don't notice or appreciate and mostly ignore or turn away from. It's about the city's bridges, barges, cranes and structures, pipes and hydrants, washed-out brick walls and signature NYC water towers still defining our skyline. It's about the city infrastructure that holds it all together, most of wich is sculptural in form and quite artistic in expression. 

As an architect by background and artist by heart, I notice these pieces of our city, truly fascinated by their volumes, shapes, and colors. I love the process of discovery and revealing these "diamonds in the rough" for others to enjoy as well.

The collage series made of photos I have taken all around NYC show the ART in city infrastructure or Infrastructure as ART - the colors, curves, and volumes that make up our city. And the expression and emotion they elicit in our daily lives - if you can see and appreciate the sights... 

This photo collage collection includes multiple art works of NYC Water Towers, Walls, Bridges, Columns, Structures, Fire Escapes, Gantries, Pipes and Hydrants - all named after our favorite NYC neighborhoods.

If you love our messy, gritty, artsy New York the way that I do, my art work is for you - enjoy!

Artfully Yours, 

Bild: Bissera Antikarov