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Vernissage - Sweden’s Tuscany Österlen.

Experience photographer Karin Seastones art exhibit June 1-23 Artist Reception is Saturday June 1st at 1pm to 4 pm.

Karin is Swedish American on her mothers and fathers side. Seastone was the translation given to her father Einar Sjösten when he immigrated. With centuries of Swedish DNA in her genes she grew up living its culture. In 2002 she visited Skillinge in Österlen, her mormor’s birthplace and house built by her morfars far. It was so special that she and her husband have returned year after year.  Karin not only met relatives and made many new friends, it reminded her of her childhood summers in the Swedish community at Vasa Park.  These days her New York friends ask if she is going home for the summer. 

In her exhibit Summar på Österlen, Karin wants to share the joy and beauty of this Swedish landscape, it’s farm and fields, sea and stones, day light and night lit skies.  She describes photography in this way:

As the camera blinks its eye, it connects to people and places.
When holding it, an overwhelming call, whispers,
Capture me, it’s my turn to smile,
Hear my story, feel my sorrow, my joy.

My camera gives permission to stop and stop time that rushes by,
The click quickly captures the present to the past   
As it simultaneously preserves it for the future                                                            

And share it with you.