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The art of reading minds - Möt Henrik Fexeus.

Söndag 20 oktober kl. 12.45 – 13.45 är det föreläsning i caféet. Det är bokutdelning med anledning av Henrik Fexeus boksläpp och besök i New York. 

Mentalist. Mästermanipulatör. Psykologisk illusionist. Författare. Föreläsare. Programledare. Men vem är han egentligen?

Henrik Fexeus is an award winning writer, mentalist and public speaker. He has written ten books on non-verbal communication and how to influence behaviour, and is ranked as one of the world’s leading experts on body language. His books have been translated into 30 languages and have sold over a million copies worldwide. Henrik is now teaching corporations all over the word how to improve their communication skills.

His first US book, "The Art of Reading Minds”, is out on St Martin’s Press in october. To celebrate this, Henrik will visit us to present the book and to demonstrate how he uses his knowledge of psychology and human behaviour to seemingly read other people’s minds.