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10 Popular Portraits

Art exhibition with Markus Alkire. 19th of October until 11th of November.

You’re invited to experience a beautiful exhibition with the artist Markus Alkire.

Art opening is on Friday 19th of October 6-8pm.

Words from the artist:

With these paintings I’m thinking about posture, comportment, bearing. I’m thinking about early Renaissance painters changing portraiture by posing their subjects in three quarter views to reveal more of the subjects inner life. I’m thinking about expressing the mentality, character and passions of subjects through physical language - something that Leonardo da Vinci called “motions of the mind.” I’m thinking about social media where we are still composing selfies to reveal aspects of our personalities that we want to highlight or keep hidden. I’m thinking about hipsters 500 years ago - did they exist? I’m thinking about Max Beckmann and how he used pattern and color for dramatic effect. I’m thinking about hats. I’m thinking about how powerful a gaze can be, or not. I’m thinking about using the color white for the first time in many years. I’m thinking about beauty. I’m thinking about fashion. I’m thinking about photography. That’s what I’m thinking.