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A new start in Sweden

Did you recently arrive to Sweden? Welcome to the Church of Sweden! We provide support in the Swedish society through activities and advice.

Church of Sweden is the largest Christian community in Sweden. We care for everyone regardless of background or religion. 

Social activities and language training

Church of Sweden is organized in many parishes. They work locally all over Sweden. The congregations provide support to people who are new in Sweden. They offer training in the Swedish language, activities where people meet and socialize, and individual support.

Contact your local congregation to find out more

If you need legal advice

The Swedish refugee advice center offer free legal advice in matters relating to asylum, family reunification, Swedish citizenship and Swedish immigrant law. The Swedish refugee advice center is a nonprofit organization, run by the Church of Sweden.

Please find contact details to the Swedish refugee advice center here

Self-help if you are new in Sweden

Being forced to leave your home country and finding yourself in a completely new situation is a huge challenge, and can cause a lot of stress. Order or download a free folder with examples of common reactions, and things you can do to help yourself and others.

Here you find the folder for download

Or order it in other languages here in our webshop