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International Conference on Ecclesiastical Heritage and its Future Challenges in Lund, Sweden 25-26 April 2018

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Celia Cook and James Halsall 

Church of the Future Project 2020 PUD Lund 2018

Church of Virke PUD Lund 2018

Church of Östra Nöbbelöv PUD Lund 2018

Hughes Becquart PUD Lund 2018

Jan Bonander PUD Lund 2018

Lena Skoting Maud Forsberg PUD Lund 2018

Lund conference reflections Linda Monckton

Luc Noppen PUD Lund 2018

Peter Aiers PUD Lund 2018

Rickard Isaksson PUD Lund 2018

Stephen Evans PUD Lund 2018

Oddbjørn Sørmoen PUD Lund 2018

Poster - Carpentry art in the Diocese of Lund





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Wednesday 25 April

08.30 Registration and Coffee
09.30 Welcome by Bo Sandahl
09.45 Conference Information, Heikki Ranta, Henrik Lindblad & Anna Boo
10.00 Keynote The CCT Journey - Past, Present and Future, Peter Aiers

10.30 Fika*

10.45 Keynote St Marylebone, Changing Lives for 900 Years -
The Preservation, Use and Development of a London Parish Church, Stephen Evans
11.15 Keynote Churches in Sweden - Spaces for Liturgy, Multifunction and Heritage, Håkan E. Wilhelmsson

11.45- 13.15 Lunch Break at Tegnérs matsalar

Case Studies
13.15 The Future of Church Buildings in Québec Province, Canada: New Uses - Shared Uses? Luc Noppen
13.45 Whose Churches are They, After All? Oddbjörn Sörmoen
14.15 500 Churches, 500 Ideas, Elke Bergt

14.30 Fika*

Case Studies
15.00 Survival of Countryside Churches in the Midst of Sweden, Jan Bonander
15.25 The Church in the Centre of the Community –
the Community in the Centre of the Church?
Pamela Garpefors and Per Gustafsson

16.30 End of Day 1

18.30 Buses to Odarslöv Church from Cathedral
19.00 Conference Dinner and Art Experiences in Odarslöv Church. Speech: ”I’m All Joined Up- Are You?”
Crispin Truman OBE
21.30 Buses back to Lund’s Central Station

Thursday 26 April

08.00 Laudes in Cathedral
08.30 Tour of Cathedral
Registration for latecomers at Kulturen
09.00 Future for Religious Heritage’s Torch Initiative,
Lilian Grootswagers
09.15 Keynote EYCH Initiative on the Adaptive Re-use of (Religious) Built Heritage, Hughes Becquart
9.45 Keynote A New Cultural Heritage Policy, Fredrik Linder

10.15 Fika*

Case Studies
10.45 Säffle Development Project,
Lena Skoting and Maud Forsberg
11.00 Reimagining a Rural Church as a Community Hub based on the Seven Monastic Spaces,
Celia Cook and James Halsall
11:30 Divesting Objects in the Church of Saint Jacob -
Testing a new method to identify culture and user values and determine the consequences for actions, Rickard Isaksson.

11.45 Lunch Break, Tegnérs matsalar

Case Studies
13.00 Church of the Future - Project 2020:
Development of the Churches of Odarslöv, Virke and Östra Nöbbelöv, Heikki Ranta, Henrik Lindblad and Lars Klockhoff Lindahl

14.00 Fika*

14.30 Presentation of Virket, the Diocese of Lund Method for developing churches, Heikki Ranta and Henrik Lindblad
15.15 Discussion and Reflections
16.00 End of Conference

*Fika is a Swedish coffee break.

Speakers (in time order)

Bo Sandahl, The Very Reverend, Church of Sweden
Johan Tyrberg, Bishop, Diocese of Lund, Church of Sweden
Peter Aiers, Chief Executive CCT, UK
Stephen Evans, Revd Canon, Rector, St Marylebone, Church of England
Håkan E. Wilhelmsson, Very Revd, Vicar, Malmö Parish, Church of Sweden
Luc Noppen, Professor, UQAM (University of Quebec, Montreal), Canada
Oddbjörn Sörmoen, Special Director, KA (Norwegian Association for Church Employers), Norway
Elke Bergt, Head of Building Department, Evangelical Church in Central Germany
Jan Bonander, Revd, Vicar, Ljusnans Parish, Church of Sweden
Pamela Garpefors, Revd, Vicar, Karlskrona Parish, Church of Sweden
Per Gustafsson, Head of Property Management, Karlskrona Parish, Church of Sweden
Crispin Truman, Chief Executive, Rural England, UK
Hughes Becquart, Policy Officer, European Commission
Fredrik Linder, Director, Ministry of Culture, Swedish Government
Lena Skoting, Revd, Vicar, Säffle Parish, Church of Sweden
Maud Forsberg, Heritage Consultant, Antikvarietjänst, Sweden
Celia Cook, Revd, Priest in Charge, Great Bealings, Little Bealings, Playford with Culpho, Church of England
James Halsall, Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches and Pastoral Secretary, Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich, Church of England
Rickard Isaksson, Heritage Officer, Diocese of Stockholm, Church of Sweden

Conference Team, Moderators

Isabel Assaly, Head of Regeneration Team, CCT, UK
Anna Boo, Coordinator sustainable development, Diocese of Lund, Church of Sweden
Henrik Lindblad, Heritage Officer, Diocese of Lund, Church of Sweden
Heikki Ranta, Heritage Officer, Diocese of Lund, Church of Sweden
Karin Sundmark, Revd, Diocese of Lund, Church of Sweden
Maarit Traneflykt, Administrator, Diocese of Lund, Church of Sweden
Linda Monckton, Head of Communities Research Historic England
Marcus Nylander, Chaplain to the bishop Diocese of Lund