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Svenska kyrkan Los Angeles Besöksadress: 1035 South Beacon Street, - San Pedro CA 90731 Postadress: P.O. Box 1621, - San Pedro CA 90733-1621 Telefon:+1(310)2927080 E-post till Svenska kyrkan Los Angeles

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Kyrkan kan hjälpa dig. Akut samtals- och krisstöd.

Become a member

In becoming a member of the Swedish church you support our presence and activities in Southern California. We appreciate your contribution.

The congregation consists of all of us together!
This is an invitation for you to join Church of Sweden Los Angeles. In becoming a member, you support our many activities and justify our very presence in Southern California. 

 What does Church of Sweden do in SoCal? 
At the core of our mission is the worship, which we celebrate on the first Sunday of the month. But so much more goes on in the congregation on a daily basis: You can baptize your child, celebrate our Swedish traditions, talk to the pastor, join the choir and get married. When a loved one dies, friends and family gather for a memorial service. If you are alone, fall ill, or end up in jail, the church can come to visit. Children get together for Sunday School and playtime and take part in the Lucia celebration. Maybe you’re simply feeling a bit homesick and would love to chat in Swedish over a cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun. It’s all good, you’re always welcome. It’s just like home, only abroad.

 Where does funding come from, and where does it go? 
Our congregation does not receive any funding from the Swedish government. Church of Sweden Abroad (SKUT) contributes by paying rent and salaries for the pastor and an assistant, but everything else must be paid for by the local congregation. This includes salaries for local employees, maintenance of the pastor’s residence, cars, diaconal work, music activities, insurances, magazine, office supplies (including computers and phones) and much more. Only with a strong membership base and generous donations can we carry out our work, to the benefit and enjoyment of all Swedes in Southern California.

 A church in the center of town
During its many years in SoCal, Church of Sweden has rented space at the Norwegian Seamen’s Church. Our collaboration has been great, but now the time has come for us to find our own home. We envision a centrally located meeting place, a Swedish House, with room for worship, children’s activities, a café and a library, theater, art, music and much more. With a strong foundation made up by many active and engaged members, we feel confident that our vision of a new home will come true in the near future.  

Support the congregation – become a member!
It’s easy to become a member. Simply fill in the form below and hit "send."
Using the Paypal link to the right on this page,  you can pay by credit/debit card. Please write "membership" under "Add special instructions to the seller." We ask for an annual membership donation of$45 for individual membership and $60 for a family. Seniors pay $30.

You can also download this form, turn it in to us (together with your check, if that is your choice of payment) and mail it to us. Please make the check payable to "Church of Sweden Los Angeles" and send to Church of Sweden Los Angeles, 1035 South Beacon Street, San Pedro, CA 90731. 

Together, we make up our fellowship and our church. Thank you for becoming  a member and for your support!

Hans Bratt Hernberg
Pastor President

Carin Lundahl
Board of Directors