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Svenska kyrkan Los Angeles Besöksadress: 1035 South Beacon Street, - San Pedro CA 90731 Postadress: P.O. Box 1621, - San Pedro CA 90733-1621 Telefon:+1(310)2927080 E-post till Svenska kyrkan Los Angeles

Jourhavande präst

Kyrkan kan hjälpa dig. Akut samtals- och krisstöd.

A new home for the church

A house for everyone and centrally located – please support Church of Sweden Los Angeles vision of a meeting place for the Swedish community in southern California!

For well over 60 years, the Church of Sweden has been present in Southern California. The collaboration with the Norwegian Seamen's Church has always been great, but now the time has come for us to find our own home.

Our vision is to create a more centrally located meeting place for all Swedes in the Los Angeles area and beyond. Working together with other local Swedish organizations, we aim to start up a "Swedish House", with room for worship, children’s activities, a café, a library, theater, art, music and much more. We have tons of ideas, but in order to realize them, we need Your financial support!

Join our exciting journey towards a new home - support our project by donating to our “House Fund!” Using the Paypal link on the bottom of this page,  you can submit a donation in any amount using a credit/debit card. Please write "A  New Home" under "Add special instructions to the seller."

You can also send a check to “Church of Sweden Los Angeles.” Our address is 1035 South Beacon Street, San Pedro, CA 90731.

Please contact Committee Chair Margaretha Laseen with your ideas and questions. You can reach Margareta at losangeles@svenskakyrkan.com and  phone (310) 619-9899. 

Margaretha Laseen
Committee Chair, Project House of Sweden

Committee members:
Maud Adams       Hanna Claesson    Marcus Eliasson Göran Eriksson   
Carin Lundahl      Margareta Saperston    Bertil Winther