Markus Södergren

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Soloist in Southwark Cathedral December 13th

Markus Södergren began his days in Stockholm. After 11 years he moved down to Helsingborg.

In Helsingborg he studied music at Wieselgrensskolan. He then moved down to Lund to study Musical Theatre at Lund's dance and music high school. He has now lived in London for four years and has recently graduated from ArtsEd.

In December, Markus will be singing  at the Apollo Theatre in the concert "Roles we'll never play". He also participated in several workshops with Stiles and Drewe during January and February to show their new musical. Markus has participated in various concerts in the Royal Albert hall and in various concert halls around Sweden.

It is with great joy that he sings with the  Swedish church and is allowed to spread Christmas joy during the month of December.

Here you find your tickets for December 13th at 7pm