Work experience placements

Are you an ordained priest in one of the churches in the Lutheran World Federation and a citizen of the European Union?

The Church of Sweden in Karlstad diocese offers work experience placements lasting a period of one month. This opportunity, in one of the parishes in Karlstad diocese, is open for ordained priests/pastors who are citizens of the european union. 

Värmland and Dalsland are two provinces in central Sweden which are close to the countryside, lakes and waterways. There is also good transport access to major cities as Gothenburg, Oslo and Stockholm.




To be considered for this opportunity, you must be an ordained priest in one of the churches in the Lutheran World Federation, or in one of the churches that the Church of Sweden has church communion with.  In terms of language, you need to have good written and spoken english skills. You are a citizen in the EU. Driver's license required. 


  • Contract for work experience in one of the Church of Sweden's parishes in Karlstad diocese.
  • German or English-speaking mentor during the period.
  • Be part of a team.
  • Scheduled working hours.
  • A salary for the period of SEK 26,000. The salary is always paid the 25th the following month, to a bank account connected to VISA or Mastercard valid in Sweden. Therefore, make sure that you have money to pay for your stay before the salary is paid. 
  • Accommodation, in agreement with the relevant parish.
  • The travelcosts to and from Sweden is not included. 
  • Travels to and from the airports in Sweden are included. 
  • Daily costs such as food etc. are not included.
  • Together with other work experience personnel on placement in parishes, you will receive information about what it is like to live in Sweden and to work in the Church of Sweden's Karlstad diocese.

Description of service

You will have the opportunity to be part of a team working in a parish and thereby to learn about all parish activities. Your tasks during the period will depend on your level of experience and your own background. 

Notice, during the work experience placement you will not be able to perform baptisms, weddings, funerals or lead the communion. 

This offer provides you with the opportunity to see whether you would like to work for the Church of Sweden in the future.



If you would like to know more about what it is like to work for the Church of Sweden in Karlstad diocese, please contact one of the priests below.

Carl Wessmark, responsible for recruitment of priests for Karlstad diocese, email: +46 54 17 24 21

German speaking priests

Thomas Pfitzinger-Drewes, priest in Forshaga parish, email: 

Hans-Viktor Krolovitsch, priest in Sunne parish, email: tel: +46 565 68 85 51

Olaf Traulsen, priest in Kil parish, email: tel: +46 554 68 80 82


Please send your CV, valid grades and cover letter in English to tel: +46 54 17 24 44, or +46 54 17 24 21

If you after your work experience placement are interested in becoming a fulltime  priest in the Church of Sweden, please notice the criterias below. 

Work as a priest and move to Sweden? 

To be able to work as a fulltime priest in The Church of Sweden you must fullfill following criterias: 

  • Approval by a Bishop in The Church of Sweden
  • Valid education due to the Swedish church norm
    Your previous education will be validated. After the validation complementary studies follows.  
  • Fluid Swedish (both written and spoken)

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