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For our partners

These documents explains how the Church of Sweden works with partner and project support: 

The example templates (B & C) and guiding questions (E & F) are free to use when applying for financial support from the Church of Sweden.

The Assessment documentation with assesment key (D) is the basis for the Church of Sweden assessment of applications. 

The participation plan, CRM plan and Information sharing plan (G, H, I) illustrate how the Church of Sweden implements its Accountability Framework. 

Partner documents

We are committed to follow the core humanitarian standard

Members of CHS are committed to meeting the highest standards of accountability and quality management.

The Standard: 

Core Humanitarian Standard. Communities and people affected by crisis. Impartiality – Neutrality – Independence - Humanity

1. Humanitarian response is appropriate and relevant.

2. Humanitarian response is effective and timely.

3. Humanitarian response strengthens local capacities and avoids negative effects.

4. Humanitarian response is based on communication, participation and feedback.

5. Complaints are welcomed and addressed.

6. Humanitarian response is coordinated and complementary.

7. Humanitarian actors continuously learn and improve.

8. Staff are supported to do their job effectively, and are treated fairly and equitably.

9. Resources are managed and used responsibly for their intended purpose.

Read more on CHS website.