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Accountability and quality management

Working with questions related to accountability and quality management is fundamental to Church of Sweden. We aim to ensure quality in all that we do.

Church of Sweden defines working with responsibility and accountability as a mutual desire to hold ourselves and our partner organisations accountable to the people who participate in the projects we support.

Our partner organisations participate in our decisionmaking processes in various ways through meetings, correspondence as well as through more systematic partner surveys and partner dialogues.

Another core aspect of our work with accountability and quality management is that the people involved in the projects that Church of Sweden support must be involved in the work and the decision that affect them.  

The Church of Sweden is active in the fields of humanitarian aid, development aid, advocacy and church relations. Its international mission and diaconia has undertaken to constantly improve quality in its activities and in its accountability towards our stakeholders: our partners, target groups, donors, volunteers and the public.

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Code of Conduct

As a member of the ACT Alliance we have signed up to ACT Alliance’s Code of Good Practice for organisations which details membership obligations, including having a staff Code of Conduct. The Church of Sweden is certified against the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS), certificate number hqai-chs-2016-001, and a member of the CHS Alliance.

Accountability is a fundamental aspect of the Church of Sweden’s governance, strategy and operational implementation. To achieve quality and accountability in our work, the Church of Sweden is committed to:

  • Working in partnership and mutual accountability
  • Staff competency
  • Participation
  • Transparency
  • Complaints handling
  • Be a learning organisation


  • The Church of Sweden national level and International work Codes of conduct
  • Swedish requirements under the Swedish Fundraising Council,
  • Swedish Fundraising Control
  • Principle of Transparency