Hälsning från Kiev februari 2023

Oksana och Zina flydde från kriget i Ukraina och kom till Danderyd 11 mars 2022. De bodde i Sverige i ca sex månader och var under den tiden mycket i Danderyds kyrka och i Församlingens Hus på gudstjänster och olika aktiviteter. Här kan du läsa en nulägesrapport från Oksana.

March 11 was one year since we arrived in Sweden.  These days, I constantly remember with gratitude the difficult road to Sweden, the people who helped me and my mother leave Ukraine, the people who invited us to Sweden, the people who provided us with comfortable accommodation, and of course the people with whom we met in the church in Danderyd. These memories will always be with me.

I was very worried before February 23-24. I thought that Putin would again massively bomb Kyiv with missiles... those days have passed. During these days I remembered a lot what happened a year ago.  It is very difficult. It was difficult then, and it is difficult now.  It is difficult to realize what is happening.  

But there is good.  We have had unlimited electricity for almost two weeks now. And there is even light outside!  There has been no street light since october 2022. Before we had electricity for two hours, and no light for six hours. 

But now the shops are working normally, all the products are there.  Pharmacies work normally, medicines are available. Big shops are closed when there is an air raid alarm.  

On the new year 2022/2023 there were rocket attacks and drone attacks.  It was a horror.  I don't want to mention it... 

Now I can't believe that we have electricity all the time... my mother and I are very happy about it. My mother feels differently.  When better, when worse. She goes for her Nordic walk every day.  We have medicine for 2-3 months in advance. She also drinks Swedish medicine.  

Finally winter is ending, I'm very happy.  I don't remember such a warm winter in the last twenty years... that is, even nature helps Ukraine. Sweden helps a lot, thank you.  Without this help to Ukraine, it scares me to think what could have happened... 

I want to add more. Many people returned to Kyiv. New people arrived. Theaters and restaurants are open. Theaters are sold out, sometimes it's hard to buy a ticket. There is always gasoline.  

Thank you very much  you are forever in my heart.  We are grateful to people who remember us in their prayers!  Thank you thank you and thank you very much!  We believe in the good and in the Victory of Ukraine!

Hugs, Zina and Oksana.  
Mom gives you a big hello!