Time of Encounter

Work with Asylum Seekers and Newly Settled Persons in the Church of Sweden's Parishes 2015-2016.

The aim of the study is to investigate the extent of the Church of Sweden's work at parish level concerning asylum seekers and newly settled persons, as well as how the work is organized and which experiences are acquired in the work. 

With newly settled persons we refer to persons that recently have been granted a residence permit in Sweden - after being granted asylum or after coming as a family member of someone granted asylum in Sweden. In Swedish “nyanländ”.

The focus in this report is on the high influx of persons seeking asylum in Sweden in 2015 and 2016, with the peak in October and November 2015 when almost 10 000 persons applied for asylum every week. At the same time the work is put in a longer time perspective – for some parishes the work with asylum seekers and newly settled persons have been part of the parish life since decades. 

The study focuses on the work of the parishes and mentions only briefly the work that takes place at the diocesan level and at the national level in the Church of Sweden. The study does not deal with the extensive humanitarian assistance that Church of Sweden conveys to people in refugee situations around the world. It is based on a national survey and five case studies. 


Download Time of encounters (pdf, 13 pages)