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CoS Policies, Guidelines & CRM

Read about the official policies and guidelines Church of Sweden adheres to in its work, including the CRM.

Actors working with Act Church of Sweden (Act CoS), for instance relating to its humanitarian work and Community-Based Psychosocial Support (CBPS) should be aware of some policies and guidelines Act CoS adheres to. 

Guidelines for CoS humanitarian action

This is the general guideline for Act CoS’ humanitarian work which presents the organisation’s identity as a faith-based organisation, and Act CoS’ added value. The second part lists the essential humanitarian principles, legal framework and Codes of Conduct CoS adheres to. Furthermore, the third part covers Act CoS’ overall goal and direction, while the fourth part more specifically presents the methods for implementation. You can find the document below.

Guidelines for partner collaborations

Here Act CoS’ understanding of partners and collaboration with these is explained. A crucial part are the partner criteria. These include shared values, the rights-based approach, PMER+L, financial routines, anti-corruption work, updated code of conducts, good staff conditions and a Complaints Response Mechanism (CRM). Within the humanitarian field, adherence to the humanitarian principles, Sphere Standards and ICRC's Code of Conduct for disaster relief is expected. You can find the document below.

Guidelines on Human-Rights Based Approach

These guidelines establish in a concrete manner how a human rights-based approach must permeate all aspects of Act CoS. The basic method is to ensure the fulfilment of human rights within a rights-based process, consisting of rights-holders and duty bearers. More specifically, the method includes commitments within the areas of participation, accountability, non-discrimination, empowerment, linkage to the human rights system and gender integration. You can read more about this in the document below.

CRM Guidelines for handling complaints

The guideline outlines how Act CoS addresses its quality and accountability commitment to complaints handling through the CRM. Further, the document presents types of complaints, when and how to complain and the process of complaints handling. Finally, the document also includes the Complaints letter form. See below for the same template as a Word document: CRM Template for complaints.

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Rights-Based Approach

Read more about the two distinct approaches to providing help to those in need - The needs-based approach and the rights-based approach.