Act Church of Sweden & ACT Alliance

Find out about the work Act Church of Sweden is doing related to CBPS as well as the role of ACT Alliance related to CBPS.

Act Church of Sweden (Act CoS) is the international department of the Church of Sweden, working with humanitarian and development action and advocacy. The Community-Based Psychosocial Support (CBPS) approach has traditionally been located within the humanitarian unit but is evolving to capture all work of the international department. There is a need to also mainstream CBPS into more developmental-oriented projects, as participation, inclusion, accountability etc. are key aspects of all Act CoS’ projects.

Act CoS is a member organisation of the ACT Alliance, a network of 145 churches and related organisations around the globe. Act CoS works closely with the ACT Alliance in humanitarian and development related matters.

The ACT Alliance has adopted the CBPS guiding principles, with the aim to have these serving as a reference for psychosocial support initiatives conducted by members of ACT Alliance.  

Act CoS, is the lead organisation of the CBPS approach within the ACT Alliance, and has for several years chaired the ACT Alliance Psychosocial Community of Practice, connecting local and international actors with the global network of MHPSS.  

In the following video, Act Church of Sweden CBPS Roster member Rebecca Horn, cites and discusses several questions and answers which were posed to staff of ACT Alliance member organisations. The video was created for an exchange which was organised by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee.

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