Assessment, Monitoring & Evaluation (PMER)

The programming (PMER) aspects of CBPS and MHPSS have been developed quickly the last couple of years. By bringing a CBPS approach into assessment and planning, integrating CBPS indicators into programming, it becomes possible not only to prioritise staff and budget resources, but also to monitor progress and evaluate the impact of CBPS within a framework of a larger intervention. Without integration of CBPS into the PMER aspects of the organisation, the efforts of introducing CBPS will soon die out once the first enthusiasm of CBPS has died out, or a trained staff member leaves the organisation, and other priorities takes precedence. By adapting the existing PMER system of your organisation taking into consideration the core principles of CBPS and adding indicators relevant to your project, CBPS becomes part of what you do, how you do it and your organisational identity.

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