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Read about the relation between Act Church of Sweden and the ACT Alliance regarding Community-Based Psychosocial Support and the ACT Alliance Psychosocial Communities of Practice.

CoS Role in ACT - Psychosocial Support

The document “CoS Role in ACT - Psychosocial Support” provides an overview of Church of Sweden’s (CoS) role in the ACT Alliance regarding its area of expertise in Community-Based Psychosocial Support (CBPS). This document specifies the CBPS related tasks managed by Act CoS, such as the Psychosocial Roster and deployments, the Psychosocial Community of Practice (PS CoP) and Desk Support. Further, the support towards members of ACT Alliance is specified, including capacity building and training. Finally, the document briefly summarises the CBPS Guiding Principles for ACT Alliance Programme. You can find the document below.

ACT CBPS Guiding Principles

The CBPS Guiding Principles for ACT Alliance programmes are more thoroughly explained in the document below called ACT CBPS Guiding Principles. The document was established and approved in 2011, as a policy guidance for ACT Alliance member programmes. It provides a basic understanding of the CBPS approach and closely related concepts, and further focusing both on individual and community level. In relation to best practices the document also highlights the importance of the Do No Harm approach. Finally, the 8 principles are presented together with brief explanations and suggestions on possible actions. You can access the document below.

Psychosocial Community of Practice

The ACT Alliance PS CoP brings together ACT members involved in psychosocial work, with the aim to share expertise, experience and good practices in CBPS. The PS CoP exists on regional and global levels. The regional PS CoP aims to strengthen the capacities and practices in their regions, by sharing good practices appropriate to local cultures, and regional experiences. The regional PS CoP are connected to the Global PS CoP, where regional chairs, together with other experts work together at a policy and advocacy level. Act CoS is currently the chair of the Global PS CoP.

Follow the page below to find out more about the Psychosocial Community of Practice.

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Psychosocial Community of Practice

Learn more about the work of the Global and Regional Psychosocial Communities of Practice and how to get in touch with these.