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Accountability and quality management

Act Church of Sweden is committed to bring about positive change together with and for people who live in vulnerable situations around the world. Act Church of Sweden believes in delivering a high quality of work and results in all that we do.

Quality and accountability is a fundamental aspect of Act Church of Sweden’s  governance, strategy and operational implementation. All of our International work including humanitarian aid, development aid, global advocacy and inter-church relations is certified against the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS), certificate number ACTCOS–CHS–16–01.

Act Church of Sweden was first certified against the renowned Core Humanitarian Standard in 2016 as the first and only Swedish aid organization. In 2020 we were audited again and received our recertification, which is valid until 2024. Read the audit report in full at HQAI's website. 

As a member of the ACT Alliance we have signed up to ACT Alliance’s Code of Good Practice for organisations which details membership obligations, including having a staff Code of Conduct. In addition, we are a member of the CHS Alliance.

We have undertaken to constantly improve quality of our international mission and diaconia activities and our accountability towards our stakeholders: our partners, target groups, donors, volunteers and the public. We implement with a rights and faith based perspective, principled humanitarian action and development effectiveness.

Together with our partners, we have a mutual desire to be accountable to communities living in vulnerable situations. This includes ensuring that people are involved in the work and the decision that affect them.

We also focus on improving the quality of our partnership, through ensuring that partner churches and organisations participate in our decision making processes through meetings, consultations, continuous dialogue, correspondence and partner surveys. 

Quality and Accountability Commitments:

To achieve quality and accountability in our work, the Church of Sweden is committed to:

  • Human rights based approach
  • Gender mainstreaming
  • Promoting environmental sustainability
  • Equal and mutually accountable partnership
  • Efficient, results-based and approrpiate response and to do no harm
  • Transparency and participation
  • Handling complaints
  • Be a learning organisation
  • Staff care and competency
  • Codes


  • The Church of Sweden national level Code of Conduct
  • The Church of Sweden’s  International work Code of conduct
  • Swedish requirements under the Swedish Fundraising Council,
  • Swedish Fundraising Control
  • Swedish Public access to information principle

See our Quality and accountability framework for further information on how we implement our quality and accountability work together with partners.

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