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About us

Church of Sweden is an Evangelical Lutheran church with 6,1 million members. It is open to everyone living in Sweden regardless of nationality. It is a place for church services, meetings and dialogue.

There are 3 500 churches in Sweden, and 13 dioceses. The international commitment started with Church of Sweden Mission, formed in 1874.

Church of Sweden Aid started as the local branch of the Lutheran World Relief in 1947. Today, the international work is fully integrated in the Church and we are co-branding with the ACT Alliance.Our  identity as a church  form the basis of our international commitment.  

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Our values 

Faith, hope and love

We are supported by belief in the Trinity that creates, liberates and gives life and opportunities for reconciliation between people, God and the rest of the Creation. We are convinced that our efforts make a difference, that the Church is a fellowship of hope and that the world has a future.

The dignity and right of human beings

We are supported by the Gospel about Jesus, who takes the side of those who are suppressed or live in a vulnerable situation and safeguards their lives in spirit, body and soul. This applies above all to children, because they hold a special position in Christian faith

The integrity of the Creation

God’s Creation is constantly renewed. Everything that exists has inherent value, and all life lives interdependently. Human beings hold a unique position in terms of taking responsibility and ensuring that life is not violated.