Kvinna går hand i hand med pojke genom soptippen där många bor. Pojken har inga skor på sig.
Foto: Kat Palasi /Ikon

About us

We all live under the same sky! Together with churches and actors from the civil society we defend people’s dignity and rights. The christian message of faith, hope and love forms the basis of our work.

Act Church of Sweden started with Church of Sweden Mission, formed in 1874 and the local branch of the Lutheran World Relief in 1947. Today, the international work is fully integrated in the Church. Our identity as a church form the basis of our international commitment. We express our values as faith, hope and love, human dignity and right and the integrity of the Creation 

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Being a church is a strength

Act Church of Sweden  believe in the strength to support local initiatives within civil society and to actively participate in global networks in order to bring about positive change. We are part of a worldwide ecumenical community, which is expressed through our membership of the World Council of Churches and the Lutheran World Federation. The Church of Sweden is also a member of the ACT Alliance (Action by Churches Together), one of the largest faith-based alliances.

As a church we have a broad anchorage and are part of a global network that has access to local actors at a grassroots level. This allows us to support civil society organizations and vulnerable people living in areas that are difficult to access, where churches and other religious institutions are sometimes the only trusted actors in society. We are convinced that religious actors have a great influence on work to bring about change around the world. Faith can provide the inspiration, courage and power to make a stand for people in vulnerable situations.

Management and governance

Act Church of Sweden is managed by the International department at the church office in Uppsala. The International department is one of seven departments at national level, with diversified funding and partly independent planning. Act Church of Sweden is formally governed by the Church Board and supported by an advisory body, the International Council, appointed by the Church Board. The Council decides on strategies and overall objectives for the work, formulates proposals for overall budget decisions to the Church Board and establishes guidelines and position papers within the frameworks of the current strategy. The task of the International department is to coordinate, plan and develop the work, commitments and funding for Act Church of Sweden. In addition to the International department, staff from other departments contribute to Act Church of Sweden, such as the unit for International finance, the Department for communications and Department for human resources. All in all, about 100 employees in Sweden are engaged in Act Church of Sweden and more than ten are deployed in different international positions.

Act Church of Sweden Annual Report 2020

Act church of Sweden is a faith-based organization that works for positive, long-term and sustainable change. Read more about how it works in practice. In the Annual Report for 2020, we show results and important conclusions from our humanitarian work, long-term support and advocacy work.


Act Church of Sweden, Annual report 2020